Picnic Survival Tips

Memorial Day always kicks off the summer picnics.  This doesn’t mean you have to sabotage your waistline.  You can still have fun and eat healthy.  Here are some of go girls tricks.

  1.  Always bring the low cal appetizers like raw veggies with a low fat dip,  fruit salad, or a healthier version of a side dish.
  2. Try to stay away from the high fat meats, such as, hotdogs, sausage, or ribs.  Choose the grilled chicken or even a small or half a burger.
  3. Take only 1 starchy side, like potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, or baked beans.
  4. Have fruit for dessert.
  5. Stay away from the sugary drinks.  Instead choose diet drinks or bottled water.
  6. Limit your alcoholic beverages.  To save calories use diet soda or seltzer water for mixers and lite beer is the better option.
  7. Most importantly exercise before the picnic.  Take a power walk or bike ride in the morning.  You will actually feel more energized for the rest of the day.

Here’s the links to my favorite low cal recipes from Kraft foods:




Slurp This !

Do you know what’s in your drink?  Drink calories do add up and could be preventing you from losing weight.  Just by making the change to reduced calorie or calorie free drinks, you lose tons of weight.  I had a client I counseled who made the switch from regular soda to diet soda and lost 18 pounds.  WOW!

Instead of regular soda, slurp diet and you save 130 – 200 calories per 12-oz. can.  If you drink 2-3 cans of soda daily, you could lose 4 pounds within a month.


Calories Count!

Small changes add up to BIG rewards.  Spring is a good time to give up something, like a food infatuation, such as cookies, ice cream, or chips.  Remember calories count and 3500 calories = 1 pound of body fat.  Therefore, reducing caloric intake by 250 calories per day can result in a 2-pound weight loss within 1 month.  That’s 2 cookies or a bowl of ice cream.  You can even try decreasing 500 calories a day, which would be a 1-pound weight loss within 1 week or 4 pounds in 1 month.  What can you give up for just 30 days?