Road Trip Snacks

I just got back from my road trip to Myrtle Beach.  Here’s some quick tips for snacks on the road.

  • Instead of letting your fresh produce rot while you are away, pack it for healthy snacks.
  • The same goes for dairy products. I cut the cheese into cubes and packed the yogurts.  Don’t forget plastic ware.
  • Also, throw in some peanutbutter and wheat crackers instead of the chips.
  • Doesn’t  grapes and cheese, apples slices with peanut butter, and strawberries and yogurt sound yummy.

And who can resist the fast food drive thru’s.  There actually are some healthy options you can choose.  I found the grilled chicken soft taco at Taco Bell for only 200 calories.

Here’s a link for some other snack ideas while driving on the road.

Snacks and Dashboard Dining


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